Posted by: faerenoth | February 2, 2008

A Giant Cave Troll!

Now before this day has ended, I must tell you of our heroes plight.  As I wrapped up the last post, I left you hanging with our friends being beared down upon by a 7 foot cave troll.  As he charged, he swung a large battle axe above his head.  But how did our friends respond?  Well, let me tell you…

Our six friends had to roll for a courage challenge before attacking the troll.  Three of our friends succeed and let loose with a barrage of arrows.  Rhys, Xandoni and Valcalor all attacked from the start and hit the troll.

Galahad was so scared that he ran with the two girls they were rescuing into the bushes along the edge of the cliff.

Ahimaaz and Axel were so stunned that they frooze in the boots.  They did not run, but they did not fight.

Meanwhile the cave troll was getting closer and the Rhys, Xandoni and Valcalor let fly another volley of bolts from their bows.  Several arrows hit the troll.  It did not slow him down; it just made him more angry.

Galahad, Axel and Ahimaaz re-rolled for their courage check.  Lo and behold, Galahad passed the check.  He and he alone joined the others in the fight.  He aimed his crossbow from his place in the bushes and let an arrow fly along with the rest.  Again they struck the troll.  But again it did not seem to phase him.

Finally after to more volley of arrows, Axel and Ahimaaz summoned the courage to join in the fight.  Up till now they had kept the troll at bay, while no one took an injury from it.  Finally the troll staggered after being hit with five more projectiles.  As he fell to the ground Ahimaaz jumped onto the lying body and landed the fatal blow on the cave troll’s neck.

The troll was dead!  But would any other creatures rush in to find our heroes?  Is this the end of this adventure as they escape back down the cliff?  Or would this be the beginning of our friends?  Only time will tell.  The game session ended on that note.

We will live again to fight another day!  God’s speed my LightRaider friends!


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