Posted by: faerenoth | February 2, 2008

Our First Game Session – The Heroes

The night started out with the Adventure Master in deep despair.  Not a good sign, but if anyone could rescue the someone from the depths of a depressing mood, it was this group of adventurers.  Most of the first hour was consumed with noise, chaos, finishing up one adventurer’s character and reviewing WordRunes that might be needed in this first mission for the OverLord of Many Names.

You might want to know who these adventurers are?  Okay, let me introduce you to them…

We have Xandoni, the son of Xanxadon, a human, leading this fresh group of newbies.  Xandoni is a new LightRaider himself.  He has proven to be a soft-spoken, clear-minded person in the face of danger.  He is alble to remain calm and filled with the OLMN’s peace regardless of the circumstances.  And that is good, considering they are invading a dragon’s castle for their first mission.  You also might want to be wary of his long bow.  He has shown great promise to place the point of an arrow inside the nostril of a goblin at 100 yards, if need be.

Next is another human named Valcalor.  Val has a deep love for the OLMN and for those around him.  He has a deep hatred for all things evil and will stop at nothing to destroy it.

The next adventurer is a loud, rambuncous gnome named Galahad.  We could only hope that he has the integrity of King Arthur’s Galahad.  Time will tell, but when you deal with a gnome, you don’t hold your breath.  As most gnomes, he does not possess a great deal of courage, but when you are an excellent marksmen with a crossbow, who needs to stand toe to toe with a giant cave troll?

The lone dwarf in the group is Rhys.  He is a cranky, stubborn one.  But between his hatred of evil and his growing love for the OLMN, know that when it counts you can count on this dwarf to stand by your side to the very end.  Just don’t tell him that he is short…

Axel is being taught the ways of a Renewer.  When she reaches the end of her training, she will be able to exercise her gifts and abilities in the art of healing.  And from the looks of this group, they will need a lot of healing.  But do not under-estimate her.  When she grabs her sling and rocks, you could be hit with a barrage of pain.  Her zeal for righteousness will be one of the best defenses she could have when dealing with the evils of the dragons.  It is apparent to only a few that there lies a shadow beneath this one.  She carries with her something from her past, something that she does not even know about.  Could that be something to unlock secrets of the ancient past?

Despite the history that exists between the races, an elf does travel in this band of heroes.  Ahimaaz is a light elf that has spent most of his time in the Dragon Lands of Talania.  Only recently has he come to believe in the OLMN and follow the ways of the LightRaider.  Despite his loud and chaotic nature (which is extremely unique for an elf), there lies a deep belief and facination for the OLMN.  He has shown great depth in the ways of the Knight of the Way.  We will see if he rises to the occassion or if his lack of focus leads him into mischief.

Follow us as these LightRaiders follow the calling of the OverLord of Many Names, as they seek to bring aid and mercy to those oppressed by the dragons and dark creatures, rescue lost ones caught as slaves to the dragons and bring destruction down on the hordes of evil that reign in the lands of Talania and across the planet of EdenAgain.


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