Posted by: faerenoth | January 28, 2008

Someone’s excited!

Mitchell is very excited about playing DragonRaid.  So much so that he has already memorized 5 WordRunes.  These are selected pieces of the sacred writings from the OverLord of Many Names – He is the deity who created EdenAgain and provided a way of salvation for all people from the dragons (his name is Jesus).

Posted by: faerenoth | January 26, 2008

New DragonRaid Gaming Group

This week I met with five teens who want to play DragonRaid.  Four of them are in my youth group at church.  We met on three different occassions.  On Monday I introduced them to the game and they started creating their characters.  Thursday we took a little road trip to the local hobby store so they could purchase their character mini’s.  Last night (Friday) we got together so they could finish their character creations and paint their character mini’s.  We will plan the first game session for within the next two weeks.

As an added bonus, the esteemed Joe Revesz will be traveling to Lancaster the end of February.  So we might be planning a special gaming time then too!

Posted by: faerenoth | January 26, 2008

A New Start

Today marks the beginning of a fresh start for my adventures in DragonRaid and a new hope for the life of the Faerenoth Isles.  May we see a new age for the lives of all peoples on EdenAgain.

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